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It is worth noting that infertility is not necessarily a medical diagnosis, it is a problem that can affect various aspects of human life, for example, his mental well-being, physical condition, family relationships, hereditary factors. It is customary to apply the term "infertility" to couples who do not start the process of pregnancy for 12 months, during regular sexual life, without the use of contraceptives of any kind.

Secondary infertility. This condition is called acquired - such infertility is associated with pathologies in the woman's body. These include infections, endocrine diseases and even psychogenic disorders.

In medicine, they talk about infertility, if within 1-3 years the couple is not protected, and pregnancy does not occur. This haunts about 10% of families. If you think this is your problem, you will have to see a reproductive doctor together. A gynaecologist for women and an andrologist or urologist for men are also involved in treatment.

"Low prices every day" - the concept of "low price" is not identical to the concept of "lowest price," however, our price policy is aimed at setting prices that are below average market prices, and we take measures to support such prices.

Liquid dosage forms - solutions, drops, syrups, suspensions, emulsions, liquid extracts, tinctures, elixirs, concentrates, etc. Soft dosage forms include ointments, creams, gels, linements, pastes, etc. Gaseous dosage forms - medical gases, aerosols, sprays, inhalations, etc.

Medications for chronic diseases are usually prescribed for a long time. Some need to be taken at all times. You can not stop taking the prescribed drug yourself, even if you feel improved, because then you will have to start treatment first.

Be sure to visit your doctor before canceling your drug, even if it seems that he has already done his job or that it does not work at all.

Also, a woman should visit a doctor if she wants to choose the most reliable method of contraception or plans a pregnancy.

Inspection. It is carried out on a gynaecological chair using a special mirror. During the examination, smears are taken for general and cytological analyses. The doctor also studies the condition of the mammary glands. During the examination, the woman does not experience pronounced discomfort. The doctor performs all actions as tactfully and carefully as possible

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